SWGoH: Light Side Geonosis Territory Battle Details Released


Information is finally here about the upcoming addition of the Light Side Geonosis Territory Battle. Expected to be added to Galaxy of Heroes in November 2019, the Light Side Geonosis Territory Battle will be called Geonosis: Clone Parade. All of this was announced on the Galactic War Report podcast, Episode 175 entitled Welcome to the Clone Parade.

A few of the key takeaways for the Geonosis: Clone Parade include:

  • Ki-Adi-Mundi is the character you will earn from defeating the Special Mission mid-way through the LS Geonosis TB. He is the equivalent to Wat Tambor on the Dark Side on Geonosis.
  • The Reek will be in a battle that is similar to the Acklay battle on the Dark Side. The Nexu will also be involved on the Light Side on Geonosis, but in a different manner.
  • Ship battles will begin immediately in Phase 1 and the ship combat will be a bit different.
  • The Malevolence is coming to SWGoH in the near future and it sounds like the Mk 2 Guild Event tokens to open it.

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