Cubs Fan Han: Is Dragon Champions for Real?! Why So Many SWGoH Players Switched

Cubs Fan Han

Anyone active in the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes community has likely seen more and more mentions of a new game that has a similar style – Dragon Champions. While this Dragon Champions game has a lot of elements that parallel those of two games we cover here at, SWGoH and even Marvel Strike Force, what they lack is Kylo Ren and Thanos. Those key characters from movies we love do not exist in this game which is sure to turn many off. But for those who just enjoy the collecting of characters and leveling them up for competition, Dragon Champions seems to be perfect for those who need that itch scratched.

While we here at have yet to decide if this game will be one we cover or not, many of our former SWGoH GameChanger friends have jumped on board already. One of those top-notch YouTubers is Cubs Fan Han, a long-time lover of all things Star Wars and a guy I can often relate to in his feelings about Galaxy of Heroes and Star Wars content in general (except for his opinion of The Last Jedi – don’t get me started on that!). Cubs says he is enjoying playing this new game and his latest video entitled Is Dragon Champions for Real?! Why So Many SWGoH Players Switched is linked on the image below for those interested.

Dragon Champions - Cubs Fan Han

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