SWGoH: Jedi Knight Luke could be the downfall of the Capital Games Empire


On Friday, after a week of seeing their community rise up against their studio’s handling of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, EA Capital Games chose not to address their fanbase, but instead attempt to pull a rug over the mess they have made. While one of the requests made by AhnaldT101 and the SWGoH community was satisfied – more communication from CG_Crumb, the game’s Community Manager – his new puzzle led to the announcement that Jedi Knight Luke is coming to SWGoH. This was further confirmed with this video (below) that is currently on the  EA Star Wars YouTube page.

This video above, which has just under 70k views at the time of this writing, had over 8,500 dislikes to just 881 likes, a nearly 10:1 ratio. Coming off one of the worst weeks in the nearly 5 years since SWGoH was launched, the timing really does not place Capital Games in a good light at all.

Leading up to this announcement, popular SWGoH YouTuber AhnaldT101, CubsFanHan, Gaming Fans and other content creators were calling for more communication from Capital Games, increased transparency, new playable content/game modes, improved attention to bug fixes and a better way of handling cheaters. The studio’s response was not anything that resembled that they care about their community or their concerns, but to add a new major character and not address the community concerns at all.

So what comes next? We should learn this week about how Jedi Knight Luke will be introduced into the game. In fairness, anything other than some kind of awesome new raid or playable content is not going to be enough, and if CG adds Jedi Luke as a high-end Pay-To-Play unlock, as he likely should be in any other situation, then it will be the studio’s declaration that they are indeed tone-deaf. That topic is already debatable today, but not acknowledging their community AND adding a high-end PTP character to the game again may very well be the downfall of the Capital Games Empire and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.

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