SWGoH: New Geonosis Territory Battle set to debut November 18th

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

We learned that the new Geonosis Territory Battle was set to debut in November when CG_TopHat was interviewed on the Galactic War Report podcast earlier this week. In that interview TopHat specifically mentioned  the middle of the month for the first playing of Geonosis: Clone Parade. Now, with the release of the November events calendar for SWGoH, we find that November 18th makes no mention of a Geonosis Territory Battle. This leads me to one logical conclusion. The first Geonosis: Clone Parade Territory Battle will begin on November 18th, 2019. 

Honestly, when you look at past history, the timing is perfect. Capital Games released a (bugged) Hoth: Imperial Retaliation in late November 2017 over Thanksgiving weekend in the USA. Of course at that time there was a mutual respect between Capital Games and a segment of Content Creators known as the GameChangers that CG is now somehow unable to continue to maintain, so I chose to look the other way and make excuses to defend the studio. One can only hope that this TB  will work as intended once released to avoid the issues we had over that long holiday weekend in November 2017…

In addition, the two items mentioned above, the lack of a Geonosis TB event on the 18th and the indication that a release was coming in the middle of the month make it pretty clear that, at least at this time, Capital Games intends to launch the Clone Parade on November 18th. So save up your gear, Zetas, mod slicing materials and Relic amplifiers, because reskinned content (not new content, reskinned content) is almost here Galaxy of Heroes fans!

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