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Dragon Champions - Alyria

Welcome to the latest article in our series about Runes in Dragon Champions. As we have with other mobile games, our staff will review the best Runes for DC characters, those ability enhancing materials that strengthen your characters and give you the competitive advantage in PVE and PVP modes. While we do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, we do our research and have used every character we write about in an effort to best understand which Runes are the best fit for their abilities.



Tags: Order, Elf Healer

Don’t let the tag of healer fool you. Alyria is one of those healers who doesn’t have a heal ability that is affected by her total health.

DAMAGE… yes damage. You want as much damage on her as possible and for one very good reason, her heal ability. Reading it closely:

Mass Healing
Description: heals all allies for 350% of Alyira’s magic damage. Yes, that’s right, 350% of her magic damage. So increase her damage and all allies are healed for more. Of course speed and health are also useful.


Additional Info for Alyria

Her passive ability Power of Nature gains her and extra 25% Magic Damage and an additional 5% for each living elf. Now seeming I am still at the very beginning of the game, I don’t have an elf team so I try and give her as much damage as possible. For those later in the game who use her on an elf team, it seems logical that you can take some of the damage off and use put additional health on Alyria.

Magic Arrow, her basic, deals 190% of magic damage AND inflicts a potency decrease for 3 turns, which is why I like to put on a bit of potency with her as well. This gives her a better chance of landing this debuff. Star Orb, her special attack, deals 350% of magic damage AND heals the lowest-Health ally by 50% of the damage dealt. This can be highly effective if you have a lot of damage on Alyria as mentioned above.


Ideal Rune Setup for Alyria:

The “ideal rune setup” can be interpreted a few different ways. If you target Damage it will enhance her healing abilities. Thus, here are my recommendations for the best runes for Alyria the Elf:

  • North Rune – Health Runes with Primary focus on DAMAGE %, Secondary focus on health, damage, speed
  • Southeast Rune – Health Rune with Primary focus on ARMOR %, Secondary focus on health, damage, speed
  • Southwest Rune – Damage Rune with Primary focus on HEALTH %, Secondary focus on damage, speed
  • Northwest Rune – Damage Rune with primary focus on POTENCY %, Secondary focus on health, damage, speed
  • South Rune – Damage Rune with primary focus on HEALTH %, Secondary focus on health, damage, speed
  • Northeast Rune – Damage Rune with primary on SPEED, Secondary focus on Health, Damage


By Estilo, Gaming-fans.com Guest Writer

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