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Dragon Champions

Welcome to the latest article in our series about Runes in DC. As we have with other mobile games, our staff will review the best Runes for Dragon Champions characters, those ability enhancing materials that strengthen your characters and give you the competitive advantage in PVE and PVP modes. While we do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, we do our research and have used every character we write about in an effort to best understand which Runes are the best fit for their abilities.


Dragon Champions - Freezard


Tags: Order, Human, Fighter, Mage

Freezard is, from personal experience, a great character and a lot of fun due to his damage output. He can land debuffs and dish out a good amount of damage. Speed, Potency and Health are my preferred stats that I want to increase on him.


Additional Info for Freezard

Passive ability: Survivor; Freezard survives a fatal blow. Any effects active on him are removed. He recovers 25% Health. Can only be triggered once per battle. If Snorry is on the battlefield, he receives the same buff.

This is the reason for the extra health to be honest. Just making sure he get that little more survivability.

Basic: Frozen Arrow; Deals 230% of Magic Damage to an enemy. A 75% chance to inflict Slow for 2 turns.

Special 1: Frost Breath; Deals 220% of Magic Damage to 3 enemies. A 50% chance to inflict Armor Decrease for 2 turns

Special 2: Blizzard; Deals 220% of Magic Damage to all enemies. Has a 75% chance to decrease the enemies Turn-Meter by 25%.

Potency is personally one of my favourite statistics. Keeping the debuffs flowing and flowing for a long as possible is a terribly awesome advantage to have. Making sure the enemy has as many debuffs as possible greatly helps towards a win. Being able to remove turn-meter at any stage in a battle is one very good thing and being able to manage it.


Ideal Rune Setup for Freezard:

The “ideal rune setup” can be interpreted a few different ways. If you target Potency it will enhance his chances to land more debuffs and give your team greater advantages in battle. Thus, here are my recommendations for the best runes for Freezard the Mage:

  • North Rune; Speed Rune with a primary focus on DAMAGE%
    Secondary focus on Potency, Speed, Health/Damage
  • Northeast Rune; Speed Rune with a primary focus on SPEED
    Secondary focus on Potency, Health/Damage
  • Southeast Rune; Speed Rune with a primary focus on ARMOR %
    Secondary focus on Potency, Speed, Health/Damage
  • South Rune; Speed Rune with primary focus on DAMAGE %
    Secondary focus on Potency, Speed, Health
  • Southwest Rune; Potency Rune with primary focus on HEALTH %
    Secondary focus on Potency, Speed, Damage/Health
  • Northwest Rune; Potency Rune, with primary focus on POTENCY %
    Secondary focus on Speed, Health/Damage


By Estilo, Gaming-fans.com Staff Writer

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