MSF: Iso-8 Coming to Marvel Strike Force in 2020

Marvel Strike Force

Iso-8, aka mods or player modifications, are a feature that we first heard about as coming to Marvel Strike Force back in October 2019. At that time FoxNext announced that BETA testing was underway with ~100 individuals having access to the BETA server, included. We can now say that we have received confirmation that we will see the addition of Iso-8 in Marvel Strike Force sometime in 2020. The studio has stated that they are taking the player feedback seriously and have chosen to redesign the way Iso-8 will work in-game “to ensure that the Iso-8 feature is as fun and rewarding as possible.”

As stated before, once Iso-8 is live in Marvel Strike Force, and possibly before if we can gain early access, will be reviewing the Best Iso-8 Enhancements for every character on the MSF roster. While this will be similar to our Best Mods, Runes or Power Cores content that we have reviewed for other popular mobile games, we hope to expand upon it to provide MSF players with the most complete information possible.

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