SWGoH: Zeta Priority List for General Skywalker & the 501st

SWGoH - 501st Zeta List

What’s up people? It’s DB and I’m here with a full Zeta priority breakdown for the 501st faction. Read the levels of priority below or scroll to the bottom to check out my video on how to best prioritize your Zetas for the 501st faction in SWGoH. As always, be sure to subscribe to the DBofficial125 YouTube channel where I cover Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, Knights of the Old Republic and more, and like the video embedded below.


501st – High Priority Zetas:

General Skywalker (Hero with no Fear) – This zeta provides 100% counter and all but guarantees critical hits if you have him modded correctly. It provides an additional 50% Critical Chance on top of his base 43% and Echo’s 20% for 501st allies. With Anakin being a forced target, this leads to a lot of free attacks that are all landing huge damage.

Fives (Tactical Awareness) – Whether you use Fives with General Skywalker, Rex, Shaak Ti or anyone else, this is the most required Zeta. It forces him as first target for your opponent and punishes the AI who may target another. If another 501st trooper is killed first, Fives sacrifices himself in their place and the remaining troopers gain his max health, protection, speed and offense for the rest of the battle. This makes Rex lightning fast and Echo super dangerous!


501st – Medium Priority Zetas:

Rex (Captain of the 501st) – 501st Clones reduce their cooldowns at the start of their turns. Very valuable for getting Echo’s aoe faster, particularly once Fives sacrifices himself and ramps up the speed.

ARC Trooper (ARC Arsenal) – The Blaster turret will assist when Arc attacks out of turn. Always handy for extra damage against those tough Relic opponents.

General Skywalker (The Chosen One) – Reduces the max health of the target by 20% once their protection is gone. It stacks, can’t be resisted and happens anytime Anakin uses an ability. Very handy considering Malak has no protection and turns it all into Health.

General Skywalker (General of the 501st)  Its a decent zeta to round out the team. 501st allies gain 2% stacking offense anytime an enemy gains a buff. Makes beating Jedi and similar teams even easier. Not really any use against teams like Darth Revan though due to the minimal buffs.

Ahsoka Tano (Daring Padawan) – Anytime a Galactic Republic ally uses a special, Ahsoka assists. She has a very high base Critical chance and it sky rockets with Relic so she almost always lands them. Its a fantastic zeta but for this specific team its not vital as shes often a placeholder for ARC. If you don’t have Arc then this one definitely rises in value as you will definitely need it to get real use out of her.


501st Low Priority Zetas: 

Fives (Domino Squad) – Fives will gain 15% turn meter when another Clone or 501st ally takes damage. This is pretty cool unless you’re one of those people who taunt with Fives right away, in which case its largely pointless. If you use Fives correctly then it has value, the downside is the AI always plays Fives wrong so it offers little to nothing on defence and only minimal boost on offense. If Fives could use his special without taunting then it’d be great but he can’t. This zeta appears to have more use under Shaak Ti lead than General Skywalker.

Echo (Domino Squad) – On paper this is a great zeta. Echo will deal 20% damage to the enemy’s max health if they dodge an attack from a Clone or 501st ally. The trouble is that there isn’t a lot of foresight or dodge in the top teams now AND 501st have a few attacks that can’t even be evaded. So while a cool sounding zeta, its just not a priority and in testing I haven’t found it to be essential at all.

General Skywalker (Furious Slash) – This is one of those zetas that again sounds cool on paper but in reality its never really done a great deal despite heavily testing. You still double attack without it, the guaranteed critical hit with Armor Shred doesn’t mean much when your critical chance is likely already 120%+, due to zetas and Echo’s boost, you’re going to critically hit anyway.

And if the enemy is dazed you’ll decrease Anakin’s cooldowns, although after a couple of turns the battle is usually won or lost and you’ll need to do another move before this one to even inflict Daze. So again in testing, its fun but haven’t found it to have an overwhelming effect on the end result. By the time you need the cooldowns decreased, the battle is over.

Check out the video guide in which I’ll delve a little more into the hows and whys, like and subscribe to my channel for more in this series! Until next time… We outta here!

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