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More news came out of Capital Game last night as the details were announce for the three Galactic Republic Jedi mentioned in Carrie’s Road Ahead last week. Jedi Knight Anakin, General Kenobi and Ahsoka Tano’s new abilities and synergy is now public information, and I will summarize them below. Of course this will impact the Best Mods for each of these characters somewhat, but the early look tells me very little will change. Let’s take a look at the highlights for each of these three characters.


Jedi Knight Anakin – For JKA, the changes are not huge and the text has been cleaned up a bit. Honestly I would have thought reviewing and cleaning up the text in these kits was always someone’s job, not just when a particular faction gets added attention, but I digress…

For Anakin we see the Reckless Assault special now being renamed Overpowering Assault with new text that reads “Deal Physical damage to all enemies and grant all allies Offense Up and Critical Chance Up for 2 turns. For each enemy critically hit, grant Protection Up (10%, stacking) to each Galactic Republic ally for 1 turn. This attack can’t be evaded.” The main items here are that all allies gain the buffs and the Protection Up which ties into GK’s new Zeta. In addition, JKA no longer receives and Expose debuff when he fails to critically hit his opponents. Finally Righteous Fury is a bit of a clarification based on how the game works today. With turn meter manipulation off the charts in SWGoH, changing this to a “bonus turn” means JKA will get to use this offensive tool more often, especially against specific opponents.

Note that there is no Zeta mentioned in CG Crumb’s post for Jedi Knight Anakin, yet his Righteous Fury unique will remain at level 7 maxed leaving the door open for a future Zeta.

> Update 04.19 – Best Mods for Jedi Knight Anakin


General Kenobi – Very little has changed with General Kenobi overall. The two areas to note are his lead the charge special which calls all buffed allies to attack the target. This attack has always had a “30% less damage” note for the assisting allies’ attacks, but now “Jedi Knight Anakin and Ahsoka Tano are not affected by this damage penalty.” The lone Zeta addition, more on that in a moment, is his Unique, Soresu. The Zeta adds the following text: “If all allies are Galactic Republic, General Kenobi Taunts for 1 turn whenever another Galactic Republic ally loses any Protection Up.” Given the Protection Up gained from both JKA and Ahsoka this fits right into the new way that these three will synergize moving forward.

> Updated 04.18 – Best Mods for General Kenobi


Ahsoka Tano – The biggest changes in all of this come to Anakin’s Padawan, Ahsoka Tano. To start with, her basic, Energetic Slash, is being renamed Focused Slash. Instead of healing her each time she uses it the basic will now read “Deal Physical damage to target enemy and dispel all buffs on them. On a critical hit, dispel all debuffs on Ahsoka and another random Galactic Republic ally. This attack can’t be evaded if the target has Foresight.”

Her special, Protective Maneuver, now reads “Deal Physical damage to target enemy. If Jedi Knight Anakin or General Kenobi is an ally, deal damage again, and if both are allies, deal damage a third time. If the ally leader is Galactic Republic, this attack deals 50% more damage. All allies recover 20% Health and all Galactic Republic allies gain Protection Up (20%) for 1 turn.”

While her leader ability will not see any changes, her unique gets a Zeta and a lot of additional text, now reading “Ahsoka has +40% Max Health, +10% Evasion, +10% Critical Chance, and +25 Speed. These values are doubled while she has Critical Hit Immunity. If Jedi Knight Anakin is an ally, Ahsoka gains Critical Hit Immunity for 2 turns at the start of each encounter and whenever she uses a Special ability. If the ally leader is Galactic Republic, Ahsoka is called to assist whenever another Galactic Republic ally uses a Special ability.”

> Updated 04.17 – Best Mods for Ahsoka Tano


Takeaways – I am surprised that there are only two new Zeta abilities across the three characters as I expected two for General Kenobi (his leader and unique), one for JKA and one for Ahsoka. This leaves the door open for future Zetas on GK and JKA of course. The updates are not awesome on paper, but I have a sneaking suspicion that this will make this threesome quite viable and much stronger, the way the changes to the Mace Windu Capital Ship changed how we look at things in Fleet battles.


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