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We continue our new TFEW Guides section of the Website and the Building A War Team series of articles. Today we will continue to look at Team Composition as James “Emrakul Tat” Hogan of Alpha Cartel guides us through the main areas of focus that you need to take a look at when building your war team in Transformers: Earth Wars. We continue to discuss what every good war team needs in TFEW, and today we continue to look at what we want on our team and the sacrifices we will have to make elsewhere to get what we want on that team.



Being able to heal from damage taken is imperative for a well-balanced team. The most direct form of this is Medics – but it isn’t the only way. Having abilities that heal can also be useful for putting key bots back into the fight when they ordinarily wouldn’t live to see the end. Sandstorm & Octone have a heal in their abilities that is a surprising effective example due to its incredibly large AoE and the sheer amount of healing it applies. Let’s break it down.

Let’s say you have a moderately leveled Sandstorm/Octone who you have at Level 50, but haven’t really paid too much attention to. At this level his heal is going to do about 1,500 health per bot, and then can be doubled with his second ability – that’s 3,000 health. Now if you get all 8 bots in his AoE, which is very achievable, that’s a moderately leveled Sandstorm/Octone healing for 24k health. You just dropped a Level 56, 5-star Sludge’s worth of HP onto the field for 8 Ability Points. In addition, you are also dealing about 1k worth of damage to everything in that large area on top of that.

Comparatively speaking, we have Ratchet, who’s healing grenade has a modest AoE that can heal about 1,500 health with a low ability level at 50. It would be hard to get 8 bots in the AoE, but in a pinch it can help a tank do their job for a crucial couple of seconds. Springer & Astrotrain can heal is a single target with relatively little health, but being able to reach anyone on the map is the true value of the ability. It is more about bringing Springer/Astrotrain to support another bot rather than the heal itself, and it can be a huge help when power leveling in TFEW. Then there is Drift/Barricade and Cheetor/Blackarachnia whose heals are more for keeping themselves alive longer while they storm into areas where they probably won’t come back from if you aren’t paying attention.

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