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We continue our new TFEW Guides section of the Website and the Building A War Team series of articles. Today we will continue to look at Team Composition as James “Emrakul Tat” Hogan of Alpha Cartel guides us through the main areas of focus that you need to take a look at when building your war team in Transformers: Earth Wars. We continue to discuss what every good war team needs in TFEW, and today we continue to look at what we want on our team and the sacrifices we will have to make elsewhere to get what we want on that team.


Damage Amplification

When you just need to do MORE damage, bots that can amplify the damage you cause have you covered. Rodimus Prime/Motormaster, Glass Gas (Cliff Jumper/Kickback and Sideswipe/Offroad), Wheeljack/Shockwave, Inferno/Rodimus Unicronus, and Hound VAMP/Soundwave HISS are just a few of the names to consider here. I would recommend these types of abilities more for Raids than Wars, but that having been said, a bot is more than just an ability and all of these bots provide War value. Cliffjumper and Kickback are gunners that can shoot over walls AND their special ability does damage plus glass gassing an area which would take 40% more damage. Pair that with an AoE ability and those buildings will probably be gone. Rodimus Prime/Motormaster brings a respectable health pool to the table and if you’re coming out of a Prime Rush and all your bots are huddled together, popping his ability is going to obliterate everything in the area quickly for a low Ability Point cost. Being creative here can really bring a base down as long as you are remembering this TFEW War guide and your team and ability composition is still making sense. Many of these bots may not be permanent members on a War team, but should not necessarily be cast aside. It’s important to try and seek out the weakness in a base and exploit them to the fullest, especially if your bots are still growing, and sometimes a damage spike at the right moment could be what you need to break through that tough section of a base.

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