MSF: New to Marvel Strike Force? Tips for New Players

MSF Mobile Gamer / OhEmGee YouTube

With all that is going on in the gaming world and other similar games, Marvel Strike Force is seeing an influx of new players. This is due in large part to the game’s style with a collection-based roster of characters who can battle in Real Time PVP and PVE battles and the fact that the studio behind the game is top-notch and listens to their community. But given the game’s style as a grind-it-out game where resource management and use are of paramount importance, it is important to have good guidance on how to use those valuable resources.

Popular YouTuber MobileGamer, who has over 41k subscribers on his secondary channel OhEmGee, has put together his new MSF player guide for 2020 – linked here. Also be sure to like the video and subscribe to his channel for updates.


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