SWGoH: CubsFanHan’s Sith Triumvirate Raid Attack Strategy – All Phases!

Cubs Fan Han

CubsFanHan is back with his latest Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes YouTube videos. Today he brings us his strategy guides for each Phase of the new Sith Triumvirate Raid which launched less than 48 hours ago on Thursday, March 1st. This features a strategy guide for each of the four phases of the Sith Raid which features Darth Nihilus in Phase 1, Darth Sion in Phase 2, Darth Traya in Phase 3 and the Sith Triumvirate together in Phase 4. While this is an early guide to the new raid, we hope you enjoy and your comments, as always are welcome below. Be sure to check out more of Cub Fan Han’s YouTube videos on SWGoH and as always, stay tuned here at Gaming-fans.com for the latest SWGoH news, character mod guides, Zeta ability reviews, our awesome SWGoH 101 section and more!


Phase 1 – Darth Nihilus

SWGoH - STR Phase 1










Phase 2 – Darth Sion

SWGoH - STR Phase 2










Phase 3 – Darth Traya

SWGoH - STR - Phase 3










Phase 4 – Sith Triumvirate

SWGoH - STR Phase 4

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