SWGoH: Capital Games Continues to Welcome Cheating in Galaxy of Heroes


Cheating is a topic that has been a problem in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for years, and it seems that EA Capital Games’ loose and selective enforcement of their Terms of Service is doing nothing but welcoming it. Of course those who have been playing for years may remember having Tournaments in SWGoH around the time of the Rogue One characters being introduced in the game. After months of reported cheating CG had to publish this statement from CG_TopHat in February 2016, which included the phrase “We ask that you be patient with us as we see if we can bring Tournaments up to snuff. When there is something to report on Tournaments, you’ll hear from me as soon as I can safely tell you about it.” Hopefully nobody was dumb enough to hold their breath while waiting given more than four years have passed.

But Tournaments were not the end of cheating and violations of the SWGoH Terms of Service. Crystal manipulation has been an issue for years, and the Grand Arena Championships seem to have invited more cheating to the game. In mid-2019 Capital Games addressed the topic, but has failed to follow up on their promises of permanent bans, as discussed in the video from CubsFanHan linked here. Meanwhile, June 2020 brought this topic to light once again when AhnaldT101 and other fellow content creators and former SWGoH GameChangers tried to force change from the developers who, to date, have yet to address the topic again or properly enforce the rules they placed.

So how does this effect me? If you are one of those players who, like me, follows the rules and just wants to play the game then you are being taken advantage of. Not only is it possible that your GAC opponents could be cheating to take away your rewards, the company you are handing your time and money toward is basically welcoming these violations with their lack of action on the topic. While I will never promoting quitting the game – I myself likely never will – I do promote making your voice heard by giving CG feedback, posting on the forums related to this topic, supporting the videos where cheating is exposed, etc.

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