Should I Buy? Marvel Strike Force’s Battle Pass in the Real-Time Arena

MSF Battle Pass

The Real-Time Arena is the newest game mode in Marvel Strike Force which was launched in early December 2020, and along with it came the new Battle Pass feature. Popular in other games including Fortnite, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Destiny 2 and more, the Battle Pass exchanges real money for limited time boosts or rewards that can help the players’ gameplay long-term. For Marvel Strike Force specifically, it appears that the Battle Pass will last for 4 weeks, as the first iteration began on December 9th and ends on January 5th, 2021.

Update: The second season of Mojo’s Mayhem and new Battle Pass began on January 8, 2021.

The Battle Pass in MSF has 100 prize tiers with a Free and a Premium level for both. Thus, anyone who buys the Battle Pass gains rewards for both the Free and the Premium levels. Once the player has completed all 100 levels of rewards there is no other incentive (that I can find) to keep playing. Unlike the Blitz game mode where much smaller rewards and the competition against other members of the community can impact what you get, the Real-Time Arena does not appear to provided End of Season rewards in addition to what the player has already attained.


What Do I get from the Battle Pass in MSF?

Marvel Strike Force’s Battle Pass has two levels or tiers – one at $19.99 and the other at $39.99. Assuming things stay the same, the value is all about your time commitment to the game. Purchasing either level of the Battle Pass opens up the Premium Rewards – the true value of this investment. However the $39.99 version starts you at Level 30 where everyone else starts at Level 1, thus the purchaser has a massive head start on rewards. As I mention below, I was able to complete the tasks and gain all 100 level of rewards with time to spare while starting at level 1 with the $19.99 version.


Should I Buy the Marvel Strike Force Battle Pass?

As I always say in these articles, you should buy only what you can afford and what makes your gameplay more enjoyable. For the Battle Pass in MSF, I see no reason to spend $39.99 over the $19.99 given the fact that we have 28 days to complete the tasks and gain all 100 tiers of rewards, something I was able to do with 10 days to spare this first time around. This can lead to a couple of strategic outlooks, including grinding hard to complete it sooner, then taking some “time off” or just pacing yourself and trying to spread out the effort. Either way, if you’re a hardcore player of Marvel Strike Force it would be hard to not buy the $19.99 version of the Battle Pass to keep up with the rest of the hardcore players in this community.

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