MSF Envoy: No Intentions by Scopely to Repeat 2019’s Orb Opening Event

MSF Orb Events

Ahh, the power of Content Creators. As 2020 was coming to a close, videos speculating that Scopely, the development studio for Marvel Strike Force, would repeat the December 2019 Orb Avalanche event during this past December were making the rounds. While there was no “inside knowledge” and these were only guesses as to how Scopely planned their events, I can say for a fact that having viewed one such video caused me to start hoarding even more than normal in November. However this evening the Marvel Strike Force Envoy members were given word that a repeat of 2019’s Orb Opening Event, called Orb Avalanche, is NOT in the works nor does the studio have plans to run anything similar to it in the future.

In the message sent to the Envoy members, which includes LJ, the Director of Content here at, Scopely officials said that the dev team did spend significant time discussing a similar event, but in the end concluded that it is not ideal and that they do not intend to run another in the future. This was based on the unknown element of whether players should start hoarding orbs, the studio’s desire for players to not feel like they have to hoard to stay competitive in the game, and that orb hoarding is not equitable to newer players, as they are at a disadvantage by virtue of simply not playing the game for as long.

In the end, Scopely did said that they want players to feel that they can open orbs whenever they want, and not feel dumb that they didn’t save up for a future event.

An official release on the topic from Scopely is not expected.

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