SWGoH: Road Ahead Released, New Conquests Game Mode Incoming


The January Road Ahead post was released yesterday by the Dev Team at EA Capital Games, and while it lacked the variety of topics we saw in the November 2020 Road Ahead, it did give us a lot of information on a single topic this time – Galactic Conquests. The January Road Ahead was written by Erik, one of the more senior developers (sorry, I forget his exact title) who the SWGoH GameChangers dealt a lot with just before the demise of the program. While Galactic Conquests was the only topic covered, and not a single image or visual of any kind was added, we did get a lot of text information to check on. Here is an excerpt – the entire post can be found here.

Over the course of the last year we’ve talked at different points about the mission we’ve been on, which is to deliver content more frequently and flexibly – starting with Galactic Challenges. Today we’re excited to announce the next step in this journey.

Conquest is a new game mode coming to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes where players will face a series of escalating battles on a sector map that allows them to choose which encounters and bonuses they will meet. Each map will provide a variety of match ups that will challenge players to pick the squad that is best suited to take on the enemy and use their whole roster in new ways.

Conquest will appear alongside Galactic War on a table that we are now calling the Galactic Battles table. Note: We’re renaming “Galactic War” to simply “War” to remove the repetition of “Galactic”. Galactic Challenges may also move to this table at a future point.

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