SWGoH: New Road Ahead features new Characters, Capital Ship and changes to Defense

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

The Road Ahead was posted, as a video, by the developers at EA Capital Games yesterday with a variety of announcements and updates. To start, a new Capital Ship is coming to Galaxy of Heroes – the Executor. A Super Star Destroyer commanded by Admiral Piett, the Executor will be available from a new Advanced Fleet Mastery and we have the Executor requirements list in SWGoH posted on our site.

Two new characters were also announced to be on the way, the first of which is Maul, a new member of the Unaligned Force User faction who is expected to fit well with the new Galactic Legend – Lord Vader. Maul will be available through the Conquest game mode, similar to the Razor Crest and Commander Ahsoka Tano. In addition, two new Data Disks are coming to Conquest and new abilities as well. Here is a look at the new Conquest updates from CG:

SWGoH Conquest – Data Disks

  • Steadfast Focus – 2 Capacity – Common: Allies are immune to Ability Block, Daze and Stun for 2 turns at the start of battle
  • Opportunistic Support III – 1 Capacity – Epic – Whenever an ally attacks out of turn, all allies gain 6% health

New Boss Modifiers

  • Kenobi! – Whenever the allied Leader is damaged, all other allies gain 10% Offense until the end of their next turn. At the start of the allied Leader’s turn, they dispel all debuffs on all allies and all buffs on all enemies. Whenever an ally drops below 50% Health, the allied Leader gains 100% Turn Meter. The first time the allied Leader is defeated, all enemies recover 50% Health and Protection and reduce their cooldowns by 3.
  • Mandalore – All allies start the encounter with 3 stacks of Beskar Armor, which can’t be copied, dispelled, or prevented.

Finally, changes are being made to Defense and how it works in the game, and if I remember correctly, attacks that ignore defense and being modified. This post goes into more detail and lists character abilities that are being updated, and the video on that page is even more detailed on how this will work.

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