SWGoH: The Armorer Kit Revealed & Mandalorian Tag Announced

The Armorer - SWGoH

As we learned in December, The Armorer is the next character being added in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. One of the character in Season 1 of The Mandalorian TV series, true to form, The Armorer will be a support character in SWGoH who “provides her squad powerful buffs, a reliable way to apply Armor Shred, and calls frequent assists,” and “repairs and rebuilds the armor of her allies to be even stronger.” She has a Leader ability that works with other Mandalorian characters and has an ability that can call all Mandalorian allies and allies with Beskar Armor to assist – even those without the Mandalorian tag. This leaves me wondering if Cobb Vanth will be added to the game to join Boba Fett and non-Mandalorians wearing Beskar armor. The Armorer also restores Protection when allies get weaker and can apply a Beskar Armor buff.

In addition to The Armorer being added as a playable character, the new Mandalorian tag, which made an appearance briefly in-game in the past. The other characters included with the Mandalorian tag are: The Mandalorian, The Mandalorian (Beskar Armor), Jango Fett, Sabine Wren, Imperial Super Commando, Gar Saxon and Canderous Ordo.

Here is a look at the Developer Insights on The Armorer as well as the entire kit reveal on the EA SWGoH forums.

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