MSF: Best Iso-8 for Ultron

Ultron - MSF

Welcome to the Iso-8 guide for Ultron, the latest in our series about the popular game Marvel Strike Force. In this series we look at the best Iso-8 enhancements for MSF characters. While some may refer to Iso-8 as simply “mods” like in other mobile games, we will look to stay true to the naming convention of the Marvel universe and the developers over at Scopely. We at certainly do not claim to have all of the answers in this game, but we do our research and look to use every hero and villain we write about extensively. These are Iso-8 recommendations based on the character’s kit and actual gameplay to help you in your quest to dominate in Marvel Strike Force. Note that these Iso-8 classes may differ from one team makeup to another, so feel free use this as guide knowing that these can change in differing situations within MSF’s gameplay.

Today’s character to review is Ultron, the Prize of the second Dark Dimension in MSF. Ultron is a powerful Tech & Blaster character who all good players of Marvel Strike Force value highly, and he fits into a variety of teams incredibly well. Let’s take a look at the stats we want to focus on enhancing by utilizing Iso-8 modifications in Marvel Strike Force.

Main Focus: Ultron is a Blaster with a slow bae Speed of just 107, meaning he will usually be one of the last on your team to take a turn in common team setups. I have used Ultron extensively in every game mode and I always come back to the same goal – the more damage he can deal the better. As a result I recommend you enhance his Damage stat first. 


Ideal Iso-8 Class for Ultron in Marvel Strike Force:

The makeup of teams in Marvel Strike Force is very interesting, and one popular counter in MSF is using Power Armor with Ultron against Emmarauders. On this team Ultron is the final character to take a turn and, if his teammates do their job well, he should have Vulnerable Iso-8 debuffs to exploit. Similarly, in Raids where Ultron is often use on Tech-heavy teams or high-survivability teams, if you set things up well with your Skirmisher and Raider class characters, Ultron can be incredibly effective, especially given his ability to dispel buffs on his basic. Also note that as you upgrade Ultron’s red star count in MSF he will hit harder and add survivability. No matter what lineup I use him in, having Ultron deal more damage and act as a Striker always feels like the best option, so I suggest you try the same.


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