SWGoH: Bo-Katan Kryze announced as next to join the Holotables

Bo-Katan Kryze

EA Capital Games continues to be hard at work adding more to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes as the newest addition to the game was announced today – Bo-Katan Kryze. A well-known character from the Clone Wars who made her live action debut in Season 2 of The Mandalorian, Bo-Katan will join SWGoH as a Mandalorian leader, Light Side Attacker and Scoundrel. Along with the addition of Bo-Katan, the 9th member of the Mandalorian faction in SWGoH, both Canderous Ordo and Sabine Wren are getting slight touch-ups to better synergize with the Mandalorian faction.

Here are a few key elements listed by EA Capital Games on their release about Bo-Katan:

  • Bo-Katan is a Mandalorian leader that unites fellow Mandalorians and rallies them to assist.
  • She creates a strong foundation to build a Mandalorian squad by providing recovery and a number of ways to assist each other.
  • Bo-Katan was created with other Mandalorians in mind and each part of her kit synergies with different existing Mandalorians.
  • While the Armorer’s Leader ability provides the Mandalorian squad with a more defensive option, Bo-Katan’s kit focuses the squad in a far more offensive direction.
  • Each Mandalorian is granted Ancestral Armor, which dispels all debuffs, gain Defense Up, Tenacity Up and Taunt for 2 turns. This cooldown is not shared between units

In addition, the changes to existing characters look like this, per the EA Capital Games SWGoH forums:

  • Canderous Ordo – Unique 1 – Mandalorian Veteran – At the start of battle, Canderous gains 10% Health Steal and Potency for each Old Republic, Mandalorian and Scoundrel ally. Whenever Canderous deals damage to an enemy, he inflicts a Damage Over Time effect for 2 turns.
  • Sabine Wren – Special 2 – Demolish Bo-Katan– Deal Physical damage to all enemies, Stagger them for 2 turns, and Expose target enemy for 2 turns. For each active Mandalorian and Phoenix ally, deal +15% more damage and Expose a random enemy. Mandalorian and Phoenix allies gain Critical Chance Up and Offense Up for 2 turns. If this attack scores a Critical Hit, reduce Sabine’s cooldowns by 2. This attack can’t be Countered or Evaded.

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