SWGoH: Bad Batch Confirmed as Hunter joins Galaxy of Heroes in upcoming Marquee Event

Hunter - Clone Force 99 - SWGoH

With the Clone Wars spinoff featuring the Bad Batch coming to Disney Plus in less than a month, Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is joining in on the fun. EA Capital Games announced yesterday that the first member of the Bad Batch coming to SWGoH will be the Bad Batch’s leader, Hunter, as we are set for a steady stream of character reveals throughout April 2021. Here is a look at part of the post from EA Capital Games:

Hunter can lead a squad of Clone Troopers but doesn’t usually work with the “regs” and prefers to have his Bad Batch allies at his side. He has chosen a different path compared to other clones and prefers covert tactics. Hunter ambushes his foes with Shrouded Approach, an ability that allows him and his Clone Trooper allies to gain Stealth while allies with the new Bad Batch faction tag also gain Critical Chance Up and Offense Up. Under Hunter’s leadership, Bad Batch allies have increased Max Health, Max Protection, and Potency and can take down those pesky clankers or Separatist enemies with ruthless efficiency.

Hunter will be the first Bad Batch member released in an upcoming Marquee Event called Clone Force 99 I which is expected to begin this week.

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