SWGoH: New Faction announced in Commander Ahsoka Tano’s kit reveal

Commander Ahsoka Tano - SWGoH

Commander Ahsoka Tano is set to join Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, and we now have more information on this character addition, including insight into her design and abilities. This comes in what should be a busy week for SWGoH with more Galactic Legend requirements set to be announced on Wednesday for Jedi Master Kenobi. Let’s take a look at some of the details around CAT (lol, yeah, that is what she’ll be known as in the SWGoH community).

To start, Commander Ahsoka Tano has brought us the Unaligned Force User faction which consists of Light Side and Dark Side characters, all of which are not official Jedi or Sith. Her kit is below and features a Darth Nihilus style attack called Force Leap and has R2-D2-like stat enhancements built into her unique. Here is a look at her kit per the EA SWGoH forums:

UNIT NAME: Commander Ahsoka Tano
CATEGORIES: Attacker, Galactic Republic, Scoundrel, Unaligned Force User
Legendary Master of Jar’Kai and Shien form Attacker, who deals high damage to a single target.

FINAL TEXT: Deal Special damage to target enemy twice. If another Galactic Republic or Scoundrel ally is present, Ahsoka gains Advantage for 3 turns.

Special 1: SHIEN (Cooldown 4)
FINAL TEXT: (ZETA) Ahsoka and target other Galactic Republic or Scoundrel ally gain Shien for 4 turns, Evasion Up for 2 turns, Ahsoka swaps Turn Meter with them and calls them to assist dealing 20% more damage. Shien Form can’t be copied, dispelled, or prevented.
Shien Form: Whenever this unit evades, or attacks out of turn, Commander Ahsoka Tano’s Force Leap cooldown is reduced by 1 and damage is increased by 50% (stacking) until the next time it is used

Special 2: FORCE LEAP (Cooldown 8)
FINAL TEXT: (ZETA) The first time Force Leap is used each encounter, instantly defeat target enemy and each Light Side ally gains 35% Turn Meter.

Force Leap on Raid Bosses: Call all other Galactic Republic allies to assist, dealing 10% more damage.

Deal Special damage to target enemy and gain Critical Damage Up for 3 turns. Reduce this ability’s cooldown by 4. If Commander Ahsoka Tano has Shien, inflict Armor Shred until the end of the encounter.
This ability starts on cooldown and can’t be evaded.

FINAL TEXT: Ahsoka has +50% Offense and Critical Damage, and if another Light Side Unaligned Force User, Galactic Republic, or Scoundrel ally is present, she also has +50% Health and Defense and shares all of these bonuses with her Light Side allies.
If there are currently fewer allies than enemies, the bonuses to Offense, Critical Damage, Health and Defense are increased by 10% for each Galactic Republic or Scoundrel ally.

> For more on Commander Ahsoka Tano, visit the EA SWGoH forums.

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