MSF: T2 Iso-8 & 3 new Characters highlight Marvel Strike Force’s latest update

Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force’s latest update is now available in-game with 3 new playable characters, T2 Iso-8 enhancements and more incoming. Here is a quick look at what has posted about this update:

• Enhance your squad with 3 new playable characters: Adam Warlock, Phyla-Vell, Moondragon
• Empowered Gamora: Like Thanos before her, Gamora now has access to a powerful new set of abilities. She can Empower solo, but combine her with her Infinity Watch allies to reach her Empowered state quickly.
• Ability upgrades for Gamora and Nebula.
• T2 Iso-8: Add additional class-based bonuses and big power with the next phase of Iso-8.
• New Costumes for Loki, Iceman, Black Widow, and Deadpool.
• Assemble your X-Factor team and Jubilee for the Adam Warlock new Mythic Legendary Event, “The Infinity Watch.”
• Form a top squad with the limited-time Quantum Guard trait for the Phyla-Vell Event Campaign, “Vote for Loki.”
• Doom I Raids Update: T2 Iso-8 rewards, T1 Iso-8 requirements, face a new level of challenge with the Raid Difficulty Selector.
• New Challenges: Earn Orange and Purple Origin gear rewards using characters outfitted with Iso-8.
• Increased quantities and improved price value for purple and orange gear.
• Alliance Leaders can now see the time remaining for an Alliance member to contribute Raid Keys for the day.
• Inbox Improvement: New Community Tab with social media buttons.
• S.T.R.I.K.E. Pass & Mojo’s Mayhem: You can now collect all of your rewards at once with the new Collect All button.
• Alliance War: Backing out of a War room now returns you to the Offense screen instead of the Helicarrier screen.
• We’ve clarified the descriptions for the following characters that use the Health Steal mechanic. Future characters that use the Health Steal mechanic may function differently.
– Minn-Erva’s Ultimate “Mass Phlebotomy”
– Dark Phoenix’s Special “Vitality Drain”
– Ebony Maw’s Ultimate “Forced Transfusion”
– Yellowjacket’s Special “Spiteful Sting”
– Ghost’s Ultimate “Quantum Explosion”

In addition to the above changes, the devs have fixed a variety of in-game bugs and updated the abilities for two older characters – Gamora and Nebula. For all of the details on the latest MSF update visit the official Website here.

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