MSF: Dark Dimension IV Walkthrough & Live Blog – Mission #12

Dark Dimension 4 - Mission 12

Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom is the ultimate endgame content in Marvel Strike Force in 2021, and I begin fighting Mission #12 after a several tough battles on Mission #11. While my team not an ideal team makeup for this game mode, these non-Legendary City characters at Gear 15 are quite strong and I am already prepared with five characters for the Legendary boards after I advance. Keep following along as I continue to live blog my daily attempts and look to defeat the Dark Dimension to unlock Doctor Doom.


My Mission #11, Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom eligible characters:

  • Punisher – 145,582 power, 7 stars, 6 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Striker
  • Spider-Man (Symbiote) – 141,522 power, 6 stars, 6 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Striker
  • Carnage – 140,503 power, 7 stars, 5 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 4 Skirmisher
  • Anti-Venom – 121,735 power, 5 stars, 5 red – Gear 15 – Abilities 7-7-7-5 – Level 5 Healer


Dark Dimension IV: Embrace Your Doom – Mission 12

Star-Lord, 3.41m – 42.6m total health

07.13.21 – I start the battle with my foursome facing 8 enemies on-screen and 27 overall. This proves to be a very tough start as I try a variety of combos on my attacks and restart several times with no real change in my result. In the end I choose to lay the majority of my attacks on Punisher with some on Sat-Lord, but all enemies remain with green health when I am killed off.


07.14.21 – Day 2 and 41.7m of 42.6m still remains – this will be a long, tough battle. It will be even longer since I failed to even attack today and did not realize until a little after midnight…


07.15.21 – A wasted attempt as this is going to take forever. I try to place debuffs on Punisher and JJ cleanses so I restart and save some debuffs and they wipe me out with almost zero damage done.


07.16.21 – More frustration. I keep working on Punisher and weaken him a bit more, but these enemies are brutal.


07.17.21 – 27 enemies and 40.2m health remain as I finally look to kill off Punisher and I do in a single hit. I then focus my efforts on weakening Star-Lord and get him down to about 50% health before the enemies overwhelm me.


07.18.21 – 39.8m health remains across 26 enemies as it has taken 5 days to make a very small amount of progress. I do have Venom one piece away from joining the crew above, but that may take another week or more given I try not to buy the gear needed (unless the Fight Pass counts…).

I start off hitting Star-Lord and when he hits yellow health Ms. Marvel taunts and momentarily messes up my plan of attack. My entire team survives the barrage of hits and I get a Punisher AoE which brings Star-Lord to red health. I land more debuffs on Star-Lord which kills him and I lose Punisher and SMS, but Anti-Venom revives him and I move my hits from JJ to Captain America thanks to his taunt. After a few hits I lose AV which turns into a downward spiral as they finish me off. This ends up being my best attack yet as I skim off 2.4m health in this single battle.


07.19.21 – 37.4m health remains across 25 enemies as today’s focus is Captain America. While I am able to accomplish this goal of removing him, I can do little else and I am killed fast.


07.20.21 – 36.6m health remains across 24 enemies as just 5 enemies remain on-screen – Captain Marvel, Sabretooth, Ms. Marvel, and super soldiers Rocket Raccoon & Jessica Jones. I decide to go right after Rocket and stun him with an SMS ultimate, and while I get one Punisher attack in, he is (as always) the first to die. Carnage and SMS use Iso-8 well to get extra attacks in and I am able to kill Rocket and start attacking CM as a result. JJ cleanses the debuffs to make my job harder, but I start at it again looking to get rid of CM’s offense with my three Symbiotes. I pile debuffs open CM and stun her with another SMS ultimate and then finish her and Sabretooth before moving on to JJ and finally, Ms. Marvel. I am able to save special attacks here and finish them off using just basics and at 19 enemies left the next wave appears.

This group of 8 enemies features a SHIELD Trooper and Security, Punisher, Rescue, X-23, Venom, Iron Man and Star-Lord with both Iron And and SHIELD Trooper supercharged. I knock about 20% of Rescue’s health off and then get totally overrun, even with a revive of SMS, as it end quickly.


07.21.21 – 29.4m health across 19 enemies remains as Venom is getting closer and closer to joining the crew… I check in at 564k once again and have 8 enemies on-screen and I play this short battle out a few different times to see what I can accomplish, and the answer is literally almost nothing. Punisher is the first to die – every time – and Rescue gets her specials off which means today is nothing but treading water.


07.22.21 – Another day where nothing I do seems to matter. A 5th member of the team would help, but this battle is brutal. Of course no matter how many times I try to set this battle up, Punisher dies first almost every time. This battle sees me waste X-23’s ultimate and knock some health off of SHIELD Security leaving me with 17 enemies and 28.9m health to go.


07.23.21 – Still no luck with the final 5 gear pieces for Venom as I remain four strong and 564k power. I see that Rescue is right at 50% health and decide to go after SHIELD Security to avoid the taunts when anyone else dips below 50%, and I land a SMS ultimate on the second move of the battle which sets the tone nicely. I stack debuffs on SS and once I get to 5 bleeds and 7 debuffs overall I am able to finish him off and immediately set my sights on Rescue. I find I am surviving here, minus the early loss of Punisher of course, as most enemy ultimates were used in previous days. Rescue cleanses to mess up my plans a bit, but I get her to yellow, then red after the cleanse. I finally finish her off and then X-23 kills AV with her ultimate so this battle is about to fall apart. I land one more attack and they finish me off with 15 enemies left and 26.0m health to go.


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