SWGoH: Bad Batch’s Omega set to join Galaxy of Heroes

Omega - SWGoH

Omega is set to join the Bad Batch on the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes holotables. It appears that she will be the much-needed 5th member of the Bad Batch that was needed to make that team a truly viable threat in the game, all while staying with the current Bad Batch TV series. Here is a look at some of the developers’ notes:

  • Omega joins the holotable as the 5th member of the Bad Batch squad which enables Wrecker to start the battle with Taunt.
  • Previously, the majority of the damage in the Bad Batch squad came from Hunter but Omega helps round out the team’s offensive capabilities by focusing on single target damage.
  • Omega’s kit provides the Bad Batch squad with some additional sustainability and a self dispel through her Special, Empathy First.
  • Omega fits right into the Bad Batch squad as her kit also interacts with buffs and debuffs – her Unique, Part of the Squad, boosts her damage based on the number buffs she has and debuffs her target has.
  • She also brings several buffs to the table that the Bad Batch squad previously did not have access to: Protection Over Time, Defense Penetration, and Protection Up.


Image Credit: EA Capital Games

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