SWGoH: Mara Jade confirmed in Starkiller requirements

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

In what is apparently a mistake made by either EA Capital Games or the Apple App Store, Mara Jade has been confirmed as one of the new characters incoming and as one of the Starkiller requirements. As announced last week, we knew that Star Wars Legends characters were joining SWGoH starting with Dash Rendar who joined the game on Thursday. However, the other 3 characters needed to unlock Starkiller in the new Legacy event were previously unknown until this accidental announcement in the App Store. While the name Kyle Kataran continues to be mentioned regularly as one of the three remaining characters, the final name remains a mystery.

Of course Mara Jade is, according to the Star Wars Expanded Universe, both an option for the Light Side or Dark Side in SWGoH. She starts as an apprentice of Emperor Palpatine and ends as a Jedi Master, wed to Luke Skywalker with a variety of other storylines involving her in the Expanded Universe. While it is expected she will be a Light Side character in Galaxy off Heroes, it looks like to have to patiently await the details from CG.

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