SWGoH Community News – August 5, 2017

Zounds! Reworks and a new powerful character are both on the horizon in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes!

Our New Hope! Commander Luke Skywalker!

The newest character to hit Galaxy of Heroes will be Commander Luke Skywalker. Commander Luke will be released through the upcoming Hero’s Journey event and will arrive with a very powerful kit.

Commander Luke will be the first character in the game to have six different abilities, and three of those abilities will include Zetas. Commander Luke will be able to Dispel, apply Debuffs, Counter, and allow others to counter and gain turn meter as well.

Commander Luke will also be very unique in that he is the very first character to unlock only at 7*. In order to unlock Commander Luke, players will need the following characters, all at 7*:

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)
  • Princess Leia
  • Stormtrooper Han
  • Luke Skywalker (Farmboy)
  • R2-D2

Expect that all five characters will need to be Level 85 and at high gear (G9+) in order to unlock Commander Luke Skywalker.


The Rework Strikes Back

With the arrival of Commander Luke Skywalker, several Rebel characters will be seeing new reworks, with updated stats and abilities.

Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben), Princess Leia, Stormtrooper Han, Luke Skywalker (Farmboy), and Han Solo (Raid Han) will all see updates across the month of August. Be sure to check out the Best Mods series for each of the characters getting updates:

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben)
  • Princess Leia
  • Stormtrooper Han
  • Luke Skywalker (Farmboy)
  • Han Solo (Raid Han)


The Return of the Packs

Packs and bundles are returning to the cantina, allowing players to gear and level up characters in preparation for the return of R2-D2 and the arrival of Commander Luke.

Mod Packs:

Mod Packs are back in the store for a limited time and could be a great way to gain some specific mod sets or shapes in one place.

Mod Packs will be 999 crystals a set and will include seven total 4 or 5 S* Mods, one for each slot and also a bonus Gold 5* from any slot. Mod Packs are available for each of the 8 Mod Sets and can be purchased up to 5 times per day.

Be sure to check out Should I Buy a Mod Set Pack for more details on Mod Packs.


The Empire Faction Pack:

The Empire Faction Pack gives an opportunity to pull from a specific set of empire characters to promote their stars quickly using crystals.

Each pack will offer anywhere from 10 to 330 shards, which could be enough for a 7* character for those players in a pinch. The pack will cost 699 crystals and are available to purchase up to 10 times. Possible characters include Death Trooper, Director Krennic, Gar Saxon, General Veers, Grand Moff Tarkin, Imperial Super Commando, Magmatrooper, Royal Guard, Shoretrooper, Snowtrooper, Stormtrooper, and TIE Fighter Pilot.

To see more details on the probability of pulling the desired shards and their amount, take a look at our Should I Buy the Empire Faction Pack article.

Power Up Bundle:

The Power Up Bundle offers a set amount of shards, credits, and gear, offering players a chance to know precisely what they are getting and a way to focus levelling and promoting.

The Power Up Bundle includes 80 shards each for General Veers, Death Trooper, and Stormtrooper and 25 shards each for TIE Fighter Pilot and Royal Guard. The bundle also comes with various gear and 1.25 M credits.

The bundle is available as a one-time purchase for $59.99 USD.

The Emperor’s Finest Bundles:

Separate from the Power Up Bundle, the Emperor’s Finest bundles are available for several individual characters, allowing players to buy only the shards and gear specific to the desired character.

Each bundle comes with 80 shards of the character, and also comes with credits and gear enough to bring characters to Level 40, G5, and all abilities to Level 3. The bundles cost $19.99 USD each as a one-time purchase, and are available for the following characters

  • General Veers
  • Shoretrooper
  • Magmatrooper
  • Stormtrooper
  • Snowtrooper
  • Death Trooper


Speculation Ahead! With the return of R2-D2’s Daring Droid event and with multiple Rebel character reworks pending, we expect to see new characters appear in the Shard Shop, including Obi-Wan Kenobi (Old Ben), Princess Leia, Stormtrooper Han, and Luke Skywalker (Farmboy). We also expect to see some new character packs and bundles, all to help us prepare for the powerful new Commander Luke Skywalker. Also, don’t forget that Territory Battles have been teased by the developers, so we also expect to see the new raid appear within the coming weeks.


By Kaitco of Descendants of the Empire
Gaming-fans.com Staff Writer

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