SWGoH: Princess Leia adds Omicron Ability

SWGoH - Omicron bundle

The latest addition of an Omicron ability in SWGoH is Princess Leia Organa. Once an important part of beating the Heroic AAT and helpful in the Sith Triumvirate Raid, like many others, the game’s power creep left her sitting in the shadows. However the two latest Omicron additions may see that change – yes, I said the “two” latest additions.

First, let’s look at Princess Leia’s Omicron text which enhances her Against All Odds unique in the Grand Arena and adds the following text: “While in Grand Arenas: Whenever Leia attacks, she has a 55% chance to grant all Rebel allies Retribution for 2 turns and a 55% chance to grant all Rebel allies Tenacity Up for 2 turns, and all other Rebel allies recover 5% Health and Protection.” Notable here is that she can grant two different Buffs to Rebel allies whenever she attacks, and given her basic can hit up to 3 times the chances of gaining a Buff are very high. This seems to fit well with the recent Admiral Ackbar Omicron added last week that added the following text to his Leader ability: “While in Grand Arenas: At the start of battle, all allies gain Tenacity Up for 2 turns. If all allies are Rebel, whenever an ally’s buff expires, they gain 3% Turn Meter. In addition, if all allies are Rebel, whenever an ally uses an ability that isn’t an attack, recover all allies’ Health by 5%, call the other 2 weakest allies to assist, and reduce their cooldowns by 1.”

Working in tandem, the constant flow of Buffs and then resulting expiration of Buffs when used with characters like Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus could make for some very, very interesting GAC battles.

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