SWGoH: Unlocking Leia Organa – Live Blog & Walkthrough Guide

SWGoH - Galactic Legend Leia event

The eighth Galactic Legend event in SWGoH is here, and unlike the first three rounds, where two GLs were released each time, this time we get a stand-alone character as the latest Galactic Legend – Leia Organa. Like the Jabba the Hutt release, the plan by CG was to have a faction-specific Galactic Legend with Leia Organa synergizing with the Rebel faction. The second GL to be a Tank character, here we will look to show fans how to efficiently add her to their rosters. Despite being very well prepared for this GL event, the timing of the marquee characters slowed down my progress significantly and I about a week behind in unlocking Leia in SWGoH.

Below I will be live blogging and giving a guide to my experience with the Galactic Legend event. While I have not avoided videos and opinions of others on this Galactic Legend event, I am hopeful that I can add Leia Organa to the roster as efficiently as possible. I hope you enjoy and can learn from this.


Tier I Characters Used:

  • Princess Leia – Gear 13 (Event Unit) – 19,479 power, no mods
  • R2-D2 – Relic 8 (Event Unit) – 34,704 power, no mods

Rebel with a Cause – Tier I

SWGoH - Galactic Legend Leia eventTier I can be fought 6 times, at a cost of 15 Light Side Currency each time, granting 10 shards each time for a total of 60 shards

Attempt #1 – Princess Leia is far weaker here, so the plan is to keep her under Stealth as much as possible and let R2-D2 use burning to complement her offense. I start with attacks on the Imperial Officer until the Stormtroopers begin to taunt, forcing the attacks to hit them. R2 makes it a bit more interesting than I would like in this battle, but sticking with the plan works.

Tier II Characters Used:

  • Rebel Officer Leia Organa – Relic 5 – 26,097 power, Tenacity & Potency mods, 276 speed, with Zeta(s)
  • Captain Han Solo – Relic 5 – 26,130 power, 3 Tenacity sets, 212 speed, with Zeta(s)
  • C-3PO – Gear 13 (Event Unit) – 24,028 power, no mods


Rebel with a CauseTier II

Tier II can be fought 3 times, at a cost of 30 Light Side Currency each time, granting 20 shards each time for a total of 60 shards

Attempt #1 – Because I have heard about this battle I cam in prepared and found that this video from Xaereth was quite helpful to avoid wasting currency. The first wave sees me use the AoE then all basics, to reset cooldowns heading into the Darth Vader fight. This battle is close with these strong mods and Xaereth recommended Crit Avoidance arrows which feel like a good move. I lost ROLO in my first attempt and was able to revive her as killing off Vader was tougher than in the video for me.

Attempt #2 – Despite the win in the first attempt I try again with one different mod on CHOLO as I upped his Health by 9k and Potency with a 1.5% decrease in Tenacity. I am hoping the extra Health will help with his Zeta that increases Max Health for 3 turns to ensure I do not lose him. I did not get the Ability Block on Vader in this battle and lost C-3PO early, revived him, had Vder to one hit from death only to see him heal back up and kill ROLO. I somehow revived her and got the Exposes on Vader to allow my characters to weaken him again, and eventually took him out to setup the win. Wow.

Attempt #3 – Feeling good about the end results of the first two battles and nervous about putting another 30 Light Side Currency on the line, I go at it again and, despite not landing the early Ability Block on Vader, the Exposes from CHOLO and Threepio land which make this the easiest win of my three battles.

Tier III Characters Used:

  • Rebel Officer Leia Organa – Relic 5 – 26,097 power, Tenacity & Potency mods, 276 speed, with Zeta(s)
  • R2-D2 – Relic 8 – 34,770 power – 336 speed, 102.56% potency – Speed & Health mods
  • Lando Calrissian – Relic 5 – 23,497 power – 275 speed, 6,007 physical damage, 97.97% cc, 229.5% cd – CC & CD mods
  • Threepio & Chewie – Relic 7 – 29,545 power – 290 speed, 9,932 physical damage, 192% cd, Offense & Health mods


Rebel with a Cause – Tier III

Tier III can be fought 2 times, at a cost of 60 Light Side Currency each time, granting 50 shards each time for a total of 100 shards

Attempt #1 – This battle is quite straightforward with Boba Fett and two Stormtroopers in the first wave. The AoE attacks of my four Rebels are quite helpful and I use Artoo’s smokescreen to focus attacks on him to start as I target Boba Fett with my single-enemy attacks to take him out first. The Stormtroopers finally both taunt, but Chewpio is ready to dispel and the AoE attacks finally kill Boba and I easily finish off the Stormtroopers to advance.

The second wave is literally 5 Stormtroopers and my strategy is AoE them to death which proves to be quite effective as I get the easy win both times.

Tier IV Characters Used:

  • Boushh (Leia Organa) – 33,280 power, 347 speed, 198.99% potency – Speed & Potency mods
  • Han Solo – (Gear 13 – Event Unit)


Rebel with a Cause – Tier IV

Tier IV can be fought 2 times, at a cost of 70 Light Side Currency each time, granting 55 shards each time for a total of 110 shards

Attempt #1 – Facing Jabba and his friends this battle is very easy with my mods and speeds. I stun Boba Fett to start and use specials at first until Boba is dead, then use basics to allow cooldowns to reset and advance. I could see where failing to control Boba could make this interesting, but don’t find out if that is an issue or not and you should be okay.

The second wave of enemies is more of the same with the one thing you have to keep an eye on is the Thermal Detonators on Han. Other than that I kill the Mob Enforcer first, then GG and on to Jabba himself for an easy win. My second time through is much closer with Han, for the reason already mentioned, but the win comes without too much worry and I unlock Leia Organa, Galactic Legend. Now I review how to mod Leia Organa in SWGoH to ensure my roster is as strong as possible.

Tier V Characters Used:

  • Leia Organa – Relic 8 – 38,610 power – 528 speed, 138k health, 95k protection – Speed & Health mods – 4 Zetas
  • Jedi Knight Luke Skywalker – Gear 13 (Event Unit) – 14,145 power – no mods


Rebel with a Cause – Tier V

Tier V can be fought 6 times granting 1 Ability Material Ultimate for each victory

Attempt #1 – I am fighting this blindly with no reference materials to prepare me. As of September 27th I only have 4 Zetas on Leia Organa, but my Light Side currency is about to max out, so I am going to try this out and see what I can learn. I am successful in my first attempt in this very, very different style of gameplay as the in-game description reads “characters in this level can only be defeated when they’ve had enough stacks of Damage, Distract, or Sideswipe applied to them.” Basically, what I did was use the special abilities when available only holding back a little on the Open Fire! special for when I had debuffs on my characters. I focused my efforts on one enemy at a time to remove them as quickly as possible, rather than spreading debuffs out. After two attempts this seems pretty straightforward as I scored two easy wins.

Tier VI Characters Used:

  • Leia Organa – Relic 8 – 41,598 power – 541 speed, 140k health, 95k protection – Speed & Health mods – 5 Zetas
  • Princess Kneesaa – Relic 7 – 29,154 power – 273 speed, 58k health, 62k protection, 235.5% CD – CC & CD mods
  • Wicket – Relic 4 – 22,645 power – 306 speed, 53k health, 41k protection, 228% CD – CC & CD mods


Rebel with a Cause – Tier VI

Tier V can be fought 6 times granting 1 Ability Material Ultimate for each victory

Attempt #1 – Wicket borrows Han Solo’s mods for this one in hopes that it is enough. Han & Chewie are provided as Event Units at Gear 13 without mods.

The first Wave is Leia and Wicket facing a Scout Trooper, and I have Leia use her middle ability first although it does not seem to matter as the Scout Trooper is not tough at all.

The second Wave sees me facing an Imperial AT-ST with all five characters, and surprisingly, Han is able to Stun it. I go through a round of attacks and save Chewbacca’s special which can Stun, and land it just after the original Stun wears off. The AT-ST is below 50% health when the stuns wear off and I kill it before it takes a single turn for an easy win.


Originally published 09.21.23

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