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Dark Dimension V – Escape the Darkness – Mission #8 – Characters Available

  • Doctor Doom – 7 Stars, 5 Red Stars – Level 86 – 218k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 4 Striker
  • Silver Samurai – 7 Stars, 7 Red Stars – Level 86 – 215k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Healer
  • Captain America (Sam) – 7 Stars, 6 Red Stars – Level 86 – 211k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Skirmisher
  • Maria Hill – 7 Stars, 6 Red Stars – Level 86 – 197k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Healer
  • Emma Frost – 7 Stars, 5 Red Stars – Level 86 – 188k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Striker
  • Lady Deathstrike – 5 Stars, 5 Red Stars – Level 86 – 162k power – Gear 16 – Iso-8 Tier 2, Level 3 Skirmisher

06.29.22 – My team checks in at 981k as I leave out Captain America (Sam) since he died in the previous battle. I face 28 enemies with a total of 60.7m health. Facing Squirrel Girl, Silver Surfer, Black Bolt, Mordo, Ms. Marvel and Yo-Yo I try two battles to get a feel for the gameplay I decide to use all basics for a battle to setup tomorrow as I do almost zero damage.

Day 2 – Back again with Sam in place of LD, I restart a couple of times to get the best feel on how to attack this group. I start with basics on Squirrel Girl and trigger her debuff cleanse special and then go all-in on her while losing Silver Samurai along the way. Sam taunts to take the hits after SS is down and I get SG to yellow when Ms. Marvel taunts so I have to work around her, but well-timed attacks from DD help me get around the taunt and explode then get the ISO bonus attack to kill SG. Sam taunts again and with Mordo the lowest in health I target and kill him before the enemies get a ton of consecutive turns. Weaker with no minions, but still going, I have the enemies Mind Controlled by Emma to hit Black Bolt. I focus in on him and almost lose Emma, but MH heals the team and a Doom boom helps tremendously. It seems like it take 2-3 minutes of attacking, but I eliminate BB and move on the Silver Surfer and when he is dead I take out Yo-Yo, BW and MM in that order.

At 21 of 28 a new group of 6 enemies appears, and I go after Shuri to try to weaken their defense. This battle takes a long time and my Doom gets to yellow health, but because I worked on cool downs he heals immediately and drops and explosion to kill Shuri. I start in on Black Panther and he drops an ultimate to kill my minions, but Maria calls in more and they finish BP off. Killmonger kills Emma which screws me up a bit, and he weakens Doom and Maria, but Maria responds with a heal. I finish off Killmonger and then BB and YY are left and after I kill off BB, with 16 enemies left, the next wave comes in with 10 now on-screen. After a ton of small hits from the minions and counter attacks, Mordo drops an AoE to really hut my minion game, then the enemies start attacking and finish them with ease. Before I attack again I lose Sam, leaving just DD and MH on my side, so I settle for basic attacks and let them finish me off. A strong day of attacks, but very time-consuming in real life… 34.6m health remains heading into tomorrow.

Day 3 – After a successful run yesterday I am looking to repeat that success with my team at 1.030k power as 16 enemies and 34.6m health remains. I survive the opening barrage – 8 straight enemy attacks – and start in on Squirrel Girl only varying from this to add a Disrupted to M’Baku from a Doom basic. I get SG in lower green health but have a Heal Block on her and the enemies attack and buff themselves, and while they kill off Captain Sam, I use Emma to remove buffs and keep the attacks on SG. I work around a Ms. Marvel taunt and Doom explodes twice, the second of which sets up the kill of SG as 15 enemies remain. With 9 enemies still on-screen I take a ton of hits then have Maria summon minions to go after Black Panther. Several hits later he is dead and the enemies get another 6-8 straight attacks, but I survive and have to hit M’Baku who is taunting. This proves to be a problem as I lose Silver Samurai and Emma Frost before my next turn after the enemies go 12 straight times, and I use basics until the end to setup tomorrow as 14 enemies and 27.3m health remains.

Day 4 – Back again after a full day off due to real life and the 4th of July… The enemies start with a ton of hits and Doom is in yellow before I take a turn. Doom explodes, Maria heals and Sam taunts to get my round started and off we go. The enemies get Speed Up but I am able to navigate around their buffs and land a Disrupted on both Ms. Marvel and M’Baku as I get Shuri to yellow health and work her down. Emma clears their buffs and Shuri is dead, but Emma is in red and stunned. Luckily I saved Doom’s heal as he heals her, adds a new Disrupted to MM and explodes again, setting up kills of Mordo, Black Widow and Okoye. I work my way through the enemies and kill the other BW and MM as reinforcements arrive at 7/28 to help M/Baku. I go right at Jubilee after slowing the enemies down with Emma and eventually cleansing with Maria’s AoE. With Jubilee at low red health I get stuck behind an M’Baku taunt, but I finally clear it and kill her off as 6 remain and I go after Hawkeye. After he is down Magneto is up next and I take him and M’Baku out leaving 3 enemies – Black Bolt, Silver Surfer and Yo-Yo. BB takes forever to kill and that theme holds true with the other two as it takes me 5 minutes of real time to kill these three and finish the mission for the win. The prize is 500k gold and 5k Elite 5 Credits.



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