SWGoH: Jabba the Hutt kit revealed, Galactic Legend event begins

Jabba the Hutt - SWGoH

The kit for Jabba the Hutt has been revealed. EA Capital Games announced the details for their latest Galactic Legend character in SWGoH earlier this week just a day before the release of the leader of the Hutt Cartel. The even release came a couple of weeks sooner than expected as many thought October would be when Jabba was added to the game. With other Galactic Legends, all characters became farmable when the GL was able to be unlocked. But with Galactic Legend Jabba we still have two Marquee characters who are not yet farmable, so expect to see a slow trickle of Jabbas being added to the game. Of course, once our Director of Content, LJ, is ready to unlock Jabba he will live blog the even and provide his thoughts here at Gaming-fans.com.

> Jabba the Hutt kit



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