SWGoH: Rise of the Empire – Phase 4 Dark Side Combat Mission (Top, Middle)

Phase 4 Dark Side - Rise of the Empire Territory Battle

The newest Territory Battles are here as the Rise of the Empire Territory Battle was launched in December 2022. Unlike previous Territory Battles in SWGoH, the Rise of the Empire TB features Light Side, Dark Side and Neutral paths and Platoons are now called Operations and character used in Operations now have minimum Relic levels.

The Rise of the Empire Territory Battle features six Phases which last 24 hours each. Each of the six Phases of the event has a Special Mission rewarding Mk III Guild Event Tokens in Phases 1, 4, 5 and 6 and Reva (Third Sister) shards in Phase 3.

The following is a Walkthrough of my experiences in Phase 4 that will be updated over time. Specifically, this covers the Dark Side Combat Mission at the Haven-class Medical Station at the top in the middle (second one from the left) that requires five Dark Side of Neutral characters at Relic 8 or higher facing Phoenix and Rex.

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Phase 1 Combat Mission Requirements:

  • Dark Side of Neutral – Relic 8+


My Roster of Characters:

  • Total Squad Power – 191k
  • Lord Vader – Relic 9
  • Admiral Piett – Relic 9
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn – Relic 8
  • Royal Guard – Relic 8
  • Starkiller – Relic 8


Phase 4 Dark Side Combat Mission Battle Notes:

01.12.23 – Riding high after scoring my Reva (Third Sister) shard for the guild again today, I head in with four Imperials and Starkiller. Looking at my other options – General Grievous, Kylo Ren Unmasked, Count Dooku, Wat Tambor and Old Daka, it was between Wat an Starkiller, so here we go.

I am told we fight the Phoenix Squadron and Rex in this battle, but the first wave has Partisan Fighters and some kind of battle-specific thing called Brain Worms. What ever happened to fighting a battle without these stupid modifiers? Anyway, I have Piett mark Royal Guard and 3 shots later he is dead. Then they kill Thrawn so I start trying to clear the Brain Worms and they gang up on Lord Vader and kill him with ease. A Partisan Fighter randomly dies, I call a Commando Droid but he does nothing, Starkiller attacks and they finish me off. That was stupid.

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