SWGoH: Admiral Trench to join Galaxy of Heroes as next Conquest prize

Admiral Trench - SWGoH

The team at EA Capital Games has released the next Conquest character and it is none other than Admiral Trench. A Separatist leader and strategist as well as a Harch admiral who was a key officer in the navy of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. In SWGoH, some of his intended key attributes include:

  • Separatist leader who has direct synergy with Nute Gunray’s Extortion ability and Wat Tambor’s Tech abilities
  • Manipulates the flow of battle with an array of helpful buffs for his allies and debilitating debuffs for his foes
  • Works best alongside non-Droid and non-Geonosian Separatist allies, but still has synergy for all Separatist characters

The entire kit reveal and dev notes on Admiral Trench can be found here on the EA Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes forum.

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