Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order – 6 Tips to help you start the game

Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Since Jedi: Fallen Order was released by Electronic Arts in 2019 it has become one of the most successful and top selling Star Wars video games of all-time. While we at have started the game a few years late, in our preparation for the launch of Jedi: Survivor in April, we wanted to start familiarizing our staff with the overall gameplay of this highly popular prequel. While doing so, MustafarNathan and I came across 6 tips that will any new player of Jedi: Fallen Order. We wish you the best in your quest to lead Cal Kestis through some of the most enjoyable Star Wars video gameplay in years and hope these tips help you on that quest.


Resting – Resting does regenerate your health and force meters, but note that enemies respawn after resting. While annoying, this also forces the user to improve their skills and adapt to the different enemy types and farm XP.

Jedi Fallen Order - Skill TreeStim Packs – Every time you rest at a Meditation Circle you receive 2 stim packs (to start) which are used to heal you while on the map (as you gain more stim packs it replenishes your max number of stim packs). These can be used in battle or between enemies or quests on the map and the number of stim packs can be increased in select areas on the map.

Experience Points – Any XP toward the next skill point is lost when you die. However, you can regain it by hitting the enemy that killed you or returning to the spot where you died (if not killed in combat). In fact, enemies that killed you and have your XP glow yellow when you respawn, so attacking and striking this enemy is typically your best move. Attacking these enemies will also refill your health and force meters as well. Skill points earned cannot be lost.

Using The Force – Max Force is key as is your Force Meter. You can only use The Force so much, so keeping an eye on this is a big deal. You regain force by attacking enemies.

Scanning Enemies – Scanning an enemy after defeating them can show you their strengths, weaknesses and gain you extra XP. Think of it like having a notebook or scouting report on your enemies – if you use this to your advantage it can be incredibly helpful.

Skill Tree – The Skill Tree can be expanded by increasing your connection with The Force. This is where you expand your Max Health, Max Force, attack types and more. Earn Skill Points from XP on the map.

Holomaps – The holomaps can be overwhelming at first. Take your time and study the way you interact with the holomap to understand how to use it more efficiently and effectively.


By: LJ & Mustafar Nathan Staff


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