Star Wars: Jedi Survivor – Phon’qi Caverns on Koboh

Rancor - Koboh

As you enter the Phon’qi Caverns there is a meditation circle on the right and the path to the left takes us into the cave. We find these weird, orange, ball-shaped head-like things that come out of a walls and see like little more than a nusisance at this point. You Force lift the round metal thing in the middle and fall through the hole and go across the collapsing bridge. The room you come to has roller mines and BX Droids and a Force Push is your best friend with the roller mines. One of the walls allows you to jump up to another cavern. Following that path you Force slam a rock to reveal a pit in the ground and when you get down there a Rancor appears and turns out to be a major boss battle. The Rancor is powerful, but is susceptible to lightsaber throws and our detailed Rancor battle in the Phon’qi Caverns will be added by Mustafar Nathan soon.

In the Rancor room, there is a circular “jail cell” of sorts, which we will call purple energy gates, with “Prince” Patren inside, and he seems to have a lightsaber. From Patren’s cell if you go deeper into the cave to the right and the zip line leads you to two more purple energy gates with three MagnaGuard enemies and Urjef Mekor and Sebb Eshan behind the doors. Past the Magnaguard room you can take an elevator to unlock a shortcut back up to the meditation circle, and opposite of the elevator there is a pit with a green laser gate and a Force Essence that grants a Skill Point inside. When exiting the area use wall jumps to get to the top of a cliff and you learn to hack MagnaGuards. Then you fall through the floor and are now stuck behind one of the purple energy gates jail cell doors. To get through the doors, Force a weird, orange, ball-shaped head-like thing at the purple energy gate door to get through it. But after you open a couple of these… Urjef Mekor, Sebb Eshan and “Prince” Patren all attack at this point and focusing first on Urjef Mekor and trying to isolate this enemy proves quite helpful. Our kill order ends up being Urjef Mekor first, “Prince” Patren second and Sebb Eshan last to earn two more Skill Points from the wins.

After the battle have BD-1 open a door and go down a hallway to find a Force Echo, then climb up, jump through a green laser gate and find a Map upgrade that now shows Chests. On the platform above, there is a door you can open that leads to a Force Essence to increase your Max Force.

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