SWGoH: Quick Tips for Success in Conquest 34-36 – October to December 2023

Conquest 34, 35 & 36

The newest edition of Conquest is upon us as we start on yet another new character. This trio of Conquest events features Dark Trooper Moff Gideon as the prize at the end of Conquest 36 in December 2023 and of course there are plenty of datacrons to farm. As always, I wanted to take a moment to help the readers understand some of the Feats and/or simply better define them. While this is “common sense” to some when they read the Feat requirements, as I have often said, we have a player base that is full of busy people and sometimes we fail to read through and review the details. Below are some quick tips to help you out in the October, November and December 2023 Conquest season (aka Conquests #34, 35 & 36) in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes where shards of Dark Trooper Moff Gideon is the prize of the three-part, three-month event.

Strategically, my plan is to hit each Conquest event early and often. I try to dominate the first 3-4 days, using all 50 crystal refreshes and maybe even a couple of 100 crystal refreshes as well, in an effort to ensure a life event will never derail my Red Crate prize, and this allows for much more time to farm Datacrons and Datacron materials in SWGoH to use in the GAC and Territory Wars. Of course Conquest 34 really screwed up my Monday thanks to this proof that Capital Games does not test Galaxy of Heroes, and it is clear that CG is going to force Consumables down our throats with the bosses and mini-bosses throughout this Conquest. As is the grind of winning 40 battles with a full squad of Ewoks was not bad enough, they now force it to be a specific squad of Ewoks, with nobody dying, taking out the character who revives dead allies, and they made the battles significantly harder. Thanks for sucking all of the fun from this game mode CG. Mission accomplished.


Conquest 34, 35 & 36 Event Feats

Many of the Event Feats are self explanatory, like defeat 250 enemies on the Challenge Path or win 40 battles with a full squad of Hutt Cartel. A few to take note of:

Conquest 34, 35 & 36 – Notable Sector 1 Feats

Strategically, if you need to skip a Feat the Torment Feat is the one to bypass. It takes forever. Literally forever. Whoever had the idea to include this at CG is just trolling the fanbase.

  • Stunning Tactics – Attempt to inflict Stun 100 times. This feat was easy to double up on using a JMLS lead with JKLS, Hermit Yoda and a random Jawa for the Opportunistic Scavengers feat below. When my stamina was lower I also did the same with Rey lineups and a single Jawa, protected by teammates to ensure survivability.
  • Opportunistic Scavengers – Win 14 battles with at least 1 Jawa surviving. See stunning Tactics above.
  • Potent Calibration – Gain Potency Up 40 times. With the Wookie Global feat, this Potency Up feat is not too bad. Tarfful’s lead makes Wookies thick and his “Rrrruuuurrr” special grants Potency Up to all allies. Doctor Aphra also grants Potency Up to all allies and you can also gain it from C-3PO, Eighth Brother, Fifth Brother, Kit Fisto, Admiral Raddus, Cara Dune and more.

Conquest 34, 35 & 36 – Notable Sector 2 Feats

  • Guerrilla Tactics – Defeat 10 enemies with Saw Gerrera. Not an easy one, even with Saw at Relic 3. I tried Galactic Legend Leia here and made Saw Gerrera my 5th member of the team and had mild success, but I can see this one being a tricky one to finish, especially if you do not have Saw beyond Gear 13.
  • Dodge Prevention – Attempt to inflict Burning 60 times. Jango Fett and R2-D2 are your AoE Burning characters and Captain Drogan pairs well with R2 and also can apply Burning to a single target.

Conquest 34, 35 & 36 – Notable Sector 3 Feats

  • Reeling Blow – Attempt to inflict Stagger 60 times. This one can be accomplished efficiently using the Sith Empire with BSF and Darth Malgus as a lead to get Doubt applied to your enemies.
  • Cute but Deadly – Defeat 10 enemies with Princess Kneesaa. You would think a Relic 7 Kneesaa would be enough, but if her Ewok teammates are weak, getting this train running is not easy. I could see where many will skip this feat.

Conquest 34, 35 & 36 – Notable Sector 4 Feats

  • Clumsy – Attempt to inflict Evasion Down 40 times. This one is easy as you also need to defeat 50 enemies with Jedi, so use a JML lead and keep calling Old Ben to assist since he applies Evasion Down on his basic.
  • Beskar Breaker – Attempt to inflict Armor Shred 20 times. This is not bad at all when using a Jedi Master Kenobi team with Barriss Offee for the Defense Up and some combo of CAT/GAS/KAM to land the Armor Shred. Add in the Armor Shreds you can get from Reva and Eighth Brother and this feat will organically work itself out while working on the others in Sector 5.
  • En Garde! – Gain Riposte 40 times. Only three characters in SWGoH can get the Riposte buff – Count Dooku, Jedi Knight Cal Kestis and Taron Malicos – and Jedi Knight Cal Kestis gets Riposte as a locked buff meaning you do NOT get credit for it in the feat. I initially thought this Feat would be terrible, but after some practice I think I have the team that works (for my roster). Using a Sith Eternal Emperor lead, I add Count Dooku (for Riposte), Darth Malak, Sith Empire Trooper and War Tambor and use the Voluntary Vanguard disk which, on my team, triggers Malak to take the hits. I start the battle by adding (in this order) the Weapon Mod on Dooku for 15% TM gains, the Shield Generator on SEE for survivability and the Medic on Malak for survivability. I have found that I can get 4-6 Riposte in per battle fighting the Geonosians at the end of Sector 4.

Conquest 34, 35 & 36 – Notable Sector 5 Feats

  • Imperial Supremacy – Defeat 50 enemies with Empire units. For this the Lord Vader team came out to play, but note that using Grand Admiral Thrawn is not as effective as hoped – see Forced Tranquility below. Another option is the use of Inquisitors for this Sector – more on this below as well.
  • Forced Tranquility – Attempt to inflict Ability Block 60 times. Old Ben and Jedi Master Luke would make this feat an easy one to knock out quickly, but with the other feats I am going with Lord Vader Empire and Jabba Hutt Cartel teams in an effort to maximize my efficiency. In doing so I found out that CG has this coded so that Grand Admiral Thrawn’s Ability Block applied from using his basic to apply Speed Up which then turns to Ability Block after one turn does NOT contribute to the feat despite it being an obvious attempt to apply Ability Block… Using Boba Fett with the Hutt Cartel will make this easier, but the Inquisitorius is another way to double or triple up. The Grand Inquisitor has an AoE with Ability Block, Fifth Brother can gain Damage Immunity and they are all Empire units.
  • Invincible – Once again, the Hutt Cartel is how I am looking to accomplish this feat since they have a Global feat, have a AoE Ability Block (Boba Fett) and Krrsantan gains Damage Immunity when Jabba is the lead and they reach Payout.



Originally published October 11, 2023

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