Weekend Earth Wars Report: Target Locked!

Weekend Earth Wars Report: Target Locked!


Good morning Cybertron! With the Sharkticon mess handled, Lockdown has resumed his pursuit of Perceptor. Here’s your weekend report for 2/24/17-2/27/17.

“Lockdown has tirelessly tracked Perceptor’s every move, sticking to his heels like a bad case of cyber-ticks! With the tempting reward in his sights, the Decepticon bounty hunter will not rest until Perceptor is hanging on his trophy wall.”

With the two finally coming to a head, it’s time to see if Lockdown can actually nab Perceptor before he gets away!

Here’s the main prizes for this alliance event:

And here are the prizes for the competition portion:

Gather your comrades and get ready to fight for the best prizes you can get! Get out there and have fun! Til all are one!

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