SWGoH New Character Review: Sith Assassin

With the new Lord of Hunger event and the addition of three new characters to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, I found it appropriate that we review the second of those toons, the Sith Assassin. The “elusive Sith attacker” uses stealth and interesting new synergies with her Sith allies. Sith Assassin - SWGoHWhile the Sith Assassin does not really remind me of any current toons in SWGoH, it surely is one to carefully study and test out. Much like the Sith Trooper, the way these abilities can stack up will likely be of great benefit to whomever is willing to put the research in.

Sith Assassin has a basic attack called Exploit Weakness which inflicts evasion down on the enemy while granting the Sith Assassin offense up for 2 turns. If the Sith Assassin already has stealth this attack will ignore the enemy’s protection.

The Dark Shroud dispels all debuffs from the Sith Assassin while also granting her stealth and foresight for 2 turns. If she already has stealth she gains speed and tenacity up for 2 turns. Then, her Sith allies gain 12% turn meter for each buff on her.

Sith Assassin - SWGoHThe Electrocute attack stuns the target enemy and, if the Sith Assassin has any buffs, dispels those buffs by adding 5% more damage per buff AND it adds another 5% damage for each Sith ally all while ignoring the enemy’s protection.
So, if Sith Assassin has say, stealth and foresight buffs and is paired with 4 Sith allies, the attack does 30% more damage.

While I’m not going to analyze the specific mods in great detail today, like in our popular “Best Mods for SWGoH Toons” articles, a quick look at the Sith Assassin’s abilities has me leaning towards making this toon a 200+ speed character and then adding health/defense/protection for survivability. Paired with a Darth Maul Zeta lead this could get quite interesting…

My overall thoughts are that this character could be player in the arena, but I think it is more likely that the Sith Assassin will be the least-used of the three new toons. Nihilus is the sexy pick and the Sith Trooper looks like a beefed-up Shoretrooper (better IMO), so don’t expect to see the masses gravitate toward the Sith Assassin. Remember, following the crowd is not always the right move…

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