BoboRocket’s Breaking SWGoH News – Level Cap Increasing to 90

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes is an ever-evolving game that continually has players looking ahead, speculating what the developers are working on. Our media partner BoboRocket from Today is the Day Online takes a look at the level cap increasing to 90 in his latest video.

SWGoH - Level 90 increase

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[…] BoboRocket videos on SWGoH include the Level Cap Increasing to 90 video, his popular Who Is Darth Nihilus piece and more. In addition, BoboRocket also covers Star […]

[…] – Our media partner BoboRocket recently theorized that the game level cap will be raised to Level 90 this spring based on past moves by EA. Is this something you see upcoming? CG_TopHat – At the moment, […]