SWGoH New Character Review: Sabine Wren

With the Star Wars Rebels Phoenix Squadron being the focus of SWGoH in March and early April 2017, the final release from that group is Sabine Wren. While she was not the first character in the game tagged as a Mandalorian as many had hoped, Wren’s family is from Mandalore as she joined the Empire at a young age before defecting. Sabine returns to Mandalore during Season 3 of Star Wars Rebels and has been a focus of several episodes of the show.

Sabine Wren character review SWGoHAt first glance, Sabine may have the most potential of all of the Phoenix Squadron characters. Under a Hera Syndulla she passes her unique, +25% Critical Chance and +25% Critical Damage, to all of her Phoenix allies which makes her even more interesting.

Taking a closer look, Blasters Akimbo, Wren’s basic attack, is rather complex and can produce multiple attacks based on the enemy’s turn meter and if they are debuffed. Her Darksaber Strike special attack is particularly interesting as it inflicts the “armor shred” effect, not a debuff, which reduces the enemy’s armor 50% at a time. Her second special attack Demolish is a AOE that cannot be evaded or countered. Finally, her unique Take it Back grants her +25% Critical Chance and +25% Critical Damage.

So let’s take an updated look at the Phoenix synergies. Under a Hera Syndulla lead, each Phoenix Squadron ally shares their unique ability with their fellow Phoenix allies, and when they use a special ability they gain 20% turn meter if Hera is active. Thus, from Kanan Jarrus we have a 70% counter chance for all Phoenix allies and they all recover 25% health when they suffer a debuff. Meanwhile, from Zeb Orrelios we get max protection equal to +40% of max health and a 15% protection gain at the start of every turn, or if debuffed, a 30% protection gain. With Ezra we are adding a stacking 10% offense gain at the end of each turn capped at 40% bonus offense while Ezra is alive. Sabine’s unique adds +25% Critical Chance and +25% Critical Damage for each, so this could change the modding a bit if you plan to use a team of Phoenix toons.

A quick look at mods for Sabine Wren are pretty obvious initially. I would plan on a full set of four CD mods and two CC mods, but I will get more specific on that in a future mods article. As we can now see, these Phoenix toons are pretty darn good together, but maybe not as OP as many thought, myself included. I am already testing them out so let us know if you have any tips as well!

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