SWGoH: Should I Buy the Code Name: Fulcrum Packs?

Welcome to the latest “Should I Buy” article for Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. We have covered many of the packs offered by EA/CG with similar articles over the last several months, and while informing the fans about everything is not possible, the Ahsoka Tano Fulcrum packs were on my radar from the start. Thus, here are my findings.

Ahsoka Code Name Fulcrum SWGoHEach Code Name: Fulcrum Pack guarantees 5 Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) shards with a maximum of 330 (enough to 7-star her) possible. Other shard levels are 7, 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 50, 80, 145 and 230.

My Findings: I went in hoping to get Ahsoka to 5 stars having her at 10/65 going into this and I bought a total eight packs. Five of the eight packs contained 7 shards, one gave me 12 shards and the other two were just 5 shards. At the end I had 67/65 and was able to upgrade Ahsoka to 5 stars as hoped.

My Thoughts: While the drop rates are certainly better than with the Krennic or Nihilus packs of past months, if you are looking to get the new Ahsoka to 7 stars you are looking at shelling out a lot of cash. Mine is now at 5 stars and will stay there until she is farmable in a few months.

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