Star Wars Rebels characters to be added to SWGoH in March

When I posted that “anyone from the Rebels Series” was missing from Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes back in my Top 10 Characters Missing from SWGoH back in December 2016, I honestly wasn’t expecting the developers to add the majority of the cast this soon. SWGoH - Star Wars RebelsThe latest update on the EA SWGoH forums has announced that several Star Wars Rebels toons will be added to the game in March. After Chopper was announced as the March Daily Login character earlier this week, the speculation was abound with the “Phoenix” Squadron classification/grouping listed in his profile. Now we finally know a bit more of what is to come.

On March 9th the start of the Supply Sabotage where we all can “complete this event to unlock Hera Syndulla and the amazing synergies she brings to Phoenix Squadron!” Then, each Thursday in March a new Phoenix Squadron character will be introduced. Then, in April we will be treated to a new event featuring the Phoenix Squadron ships The Ghost and The Phantom II.

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