SWGoH Hero’s Journey: Luke Skywalker update

UPDATE: Details on the Luke Skywalker event to unlock Commander Luke

Some updates came today from EA on the topics of Territory Battles, the Ewok Faction Pass and on the rumored addition of a new Luke Skywalker to the game. Here is the text from the EA SWGoH Forum:

Step into Luke Skywalker’s shoes and experience his journey from Farm Boy to Rebel Hero!

This is the first event of a new series where you’ll retrace the steps of the iconic hero LUKE SKYWALKER from his humble beginnings on Tatooine through his daring escape from the Galactic Empire’s ultimate weapon.

Completing this event will unlock the next iteration of Luke Skywalker: COMMANDER LUKE SKYWALKER.

How we will add this new Luke Skywalker is to be determined as many have speculated that a Pokemon style “evolution” may occur from the current farm boy Luke on most rosters. This would, of course, mean we do not have to gear yet another character, but would be a big step away from the norm – add character, add pricey character pack, add extremely pricey “chance” to get shards, make farmable in 30-60 days cycle.

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