SWGoH: Commander Luke is here and already solos the Heroic Rancor

SWGoH - Commander Luke vs Rancor

Commander Luke Skywalker joined Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes earlier this morning and reports of him showing up in the Squad Arena (photo, right) and making waves in Raids have already surfaced before 9 am ET. SWGoH - Commander Luke in ArenaLikely the most impressive of these early accomplishments is the Commander Luke Skywalker solo or the Tier 7 Heroic Rancor Raid – by himself. Jon Ni, a member of a respected SWGoH Leaders chat, posted the video after anxiously awaiting Commander Luke’s arrival to SWGoH. Before you ask about Zeta Abilities here is your answer – he has no Zetas on Commander Luke for this video. Omega Materials yes, but zero Zetas were used in the making of this solo of the The Pit Rancor Raid. The entire battle took him about 22 minutes to complete – far better than my experience soloing the Rancor with a full squad.

Click the image below to watch Jon Ni’s entire solo of the Rancor Raid with Commander Luke Skywalker and be sure to thank him for providing this to share with the entire Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes community.


SWGoH - Commander Luke vs Rancor

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