SWGoH Community News – July 13, 2017

Loads of updates from the SWGoH developers incoming. Our busy month gets busier!

Endor Escalation I & II Marquee Events

The new Ewok Marquee Events are coming next week featuring two new Ewok characters, Paploo and Logray. Endor Escalation I & II will allow players to earn shards and also have an opportunity to explore the new characters’ abilities.

SWGoHUse your strongest characters along with the new ones to battles through multiple tiers of Troopers. Endor Escalation I – Paploo will run from 7/20 through 7/22 and Endor Escalation II – Logray will run from 7/22 through 7/24.

For more on these two new Ewok characters keep watching for the Logray review & Mods guide as well as the character review & Mods guide for Paploo here at Gaming-fans.com.


Two Assault Battles This Weekend

Both the Military Might and Forest Moon Assault Battles events will be returning on 7/15.

In addition to returning, Military Might has also had a change to its rewards structure. Rewards will now provide shards for Ship pilots as well as for their individual ships, which more exclusive ships such as TIE Advanced and TIE Reaper. Additional Empire character shards have been added as well, including Director Krennic, Death Trooper, and Gar Saxon.

Assault Battles: Military Might will have two tiers (Tier I – Hard & Tier II – Very Hard) and require Rebels and Clones, so be prepared to level and gear up these factions for a fun fight.


Mod Anniversary Packs

It’s been a full year since Mods have been introduced to the game. Whether you’re a fan of the variability they provide or you’re critical of the RNG required to get the best stats, Mods have changed the Galaxy of Heroes landscape and to celebrate, Mod Set packs are available in the game for a limited time.

Mod Packs will be 999 crystals a set and will include seven total 4 or 5 S* Mods, one for each slot and also a bonus Gold 5* from any slot. Mod Packs are available for each of the 8 Mod Sets and can be purchased up to 5 times per day.


Updated Shard Availability

Characters have been moved into different areas across the cantina by moving to new nodes and shops/stores.

  • Gar Saxon is now available in Cantina 8-E and the Shard Shop
  • Imperial Super Commando is now available in Cantina 8-D and the Shard Shop
  • Gauntlet Star Fighter is now available in the Fleet Store and the Shard Shop
  • Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum) is now available in Chromium Packs and will also now appear in the Shipments

These characters were previously exclusives, only available within their events, so take advantage of their new availability.


More to Come!

Gaming-fans.com will have the latest information on the release of the newest character, Wicket, on Friday, July 14th. Be sure to return tomorrow to hear details about the Wicket and the new update.

Speculation Ahead! The developers have further hinted that “larger threats” are coming for our Ewok friends. There is a good chance that either a new Legendary Event is in the works or even possibly a tie-in with the upcoming new game mode, so keep an eye out for further developments!


By Kaitco of Descendants of the Empire
Gaming-fans.com Staff Writer

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