SWGoH: Nightsisters Arena Viable?!?

SWGoH - Nightsisters

CubsFanHan is back with his latest Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes YouTube video. With the release of three new Nightsisters – Mother Talzin first and both Nightsister Spirit and Nightsister Zombie next this week – the question is will the META change in SWGoH? We’ve been watching Commander Luke Skywalker teams dominate the Squad Arena for months since his release, but will the recent Nightsisters rework and addition of these three characters change things? Our mods guides for Mother Talzin, Nightsister Spirit and Nightsister Zombie have been posted for reference here at Gaming-fans.com and we can all look forward to the release of the nameless Nightsisters next week.

Remember, it was Cubs Fan Han who put together the CLS/Thrawn team this past summer that vaulted me back atop my shard and recently told us about the new abilities for the Phoenix toons in SWGoH, when he informed us of the new abilities and speculated on what it means to the Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes community.

Check out the latest SWGoH video from Cubs Fan Han below.

SWGoH - Nightsisters in Arena

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