SWGoH: Nukin’s How to Solo Phase 1 HAAT on Auto in just 5 Minutes


Fast Rising Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes YouTuber Nukin brings us his latest SWGoH video – how to solo Phase 1 of the Heroic Tank Takedown Raid (HAAT) on auto. Yes – on auto. Nukin breaks down the characters you need, the Omegas and Zeta Abilities needed, the mods he used and the Speeds needed for each character to make this Phase 1 solo happen.

Remember, it was Nukin who reviewed the best mods for the First Order and key stats to focus on, so you know this will be another quality piece of SWGoH content.

Check out the latest SWGoH video from Nukin below.


SWGoH - Nukin - HAAT

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