SWGoH: Top 10 Heroes We Want from THE LAST JEDI!

CubsFanHan and Nukin have joined forces for a new collaborative YouTube video series, and we are lucky enough to have their third collab video below. The first of those videos told us how to beat Commander Luke Skywalker (CLS) without having to have CLS on your squad. They followed that great video by asking if SWGoH gold gear at Gear 12 was worth it?

Star Wars themed teesNow CubsFanHan and Nukin, two of our favorite SWGoH content publishers, will give us their Top 10 Heroes they want from The Last Jedi which opens in theaters in December. This video is brought to us by our friends as TeeMinus24.com, makers of Star Wars and movie themed t-shirts and apparel for all ages. Click the graphic on the left to see their great styles today!

Of course it was Cubs Fan Han who recently released hisĀ Top 10 characters in SWGoH to take to Gear 12 where he broke down the top characters to upgrade to Gear 12, and it was Nukin who reviewed the best mods for the First Order and key stats to focus on, so you know this will be another quality piece of SWGoH content.

Check out the latest SWGoH video from Cubs Fan Han & Nukin below and be sure to check out Gaming-fans.com for all of your Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes guides, tips and strategy and the latest awesome YouTube videos from Nukin and CubsFanHan.


CubsFanHan & Nukin - The Last Jedi - SWGoH

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