SWGoH: Top 15 Heroes for January 2018

Cubs Fan Han

Popular Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes YouTuber and Gaming-fans.com Media Partner Cubs Fan Han brings us his latest installment of the Top 15 SWGoH Character Rankings. This monthly set of rankings takes a look at the top characters in the game in a College Football Rankings style.

Remember, it was Cubs Fan Han who showed us just last week that Jedi can beat RJT, CLS & Nightsister teams without a Zeta Barriss just a few weeks ago and last week helped us organize our rosters for Territory Wars.

Check out the latest SWGoH video from Cubs Fan Han below.


SWGoH - Top 15

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1 Comment on "SWGoH: Top 15 Heroes for January 2018"

  1. The list is well discussed. If ya want my top 5… order subject to change… People watch this and build accodingly… but here it goes… CLSZ,RZ-DZ,ZZ8,ZARRIS and 5 is tough… RJZ,GK… I say GK.
    Ya touched on this one thought a bit but the 15 are biased to build… but my 5 are good on any squad. They can only help… never hinder. Everyone else is biased to a current build. That’s the way the list should be structured… not Veers on a Jedi build But excellent for my AOE build.

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